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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A perky new motto for the former City of Champions

The vexatious question is officially back--a City of Edmonton councillor having plunked the issue onto the Council agenda once more: what should the city's slogan be?
    Earlier bouts of our slogan-disease didn't go over well, inevitably returning to the dismal fact that our Great Sports Heritage, which circa 1980 sprouted the "City of Champions" boast, and eventually signs re-boasting the slogan at the city's seven gates, had now passed into the custody of teams, especially the Oilers, that majorly sucked. What to do?
   So the brows around town gnawed at the dilemma. To no end, unless you count snarkfests as accomplishments. Some of the suggestions put forth as replacement-slogans, indeed were masterpieces of satire or basic bile...