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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back in the saddle...

Funny how these things start: just waking a bit early, feeling the normal crappiness of 57 years, the mind bouncing aimlessly around to old memories--a friend of my dad, also Danish-born (both now deceased) who was a cabinet-maker and made a very nice kitchen-table for us that still survives, and things that happened about the same time while living in Calgary, e.g. John F. Kennedy being assassinated. Then I mechanically rouse myself, have the usual banana before walking the dog, and somehow within a minute or two I am really MOTIVATED to write, a rare and happy impetus that should not be squandered, especially since I have a spare half-hour.

But about what? That crappy Conrad Black column in the National Post about whether the GOP can make America great again? But that would take at least an hour or two which I don't have. Still, as nearly always happens, a Mencken quote pops into the brain: "I regret that I have but one rectum to give to my country." Yeah.

Aaaaand, after all the rigamarole of firing up the ancient coal-powered computer, retrieving forgotten passwords etc., THAT will have to do. The dog and taxi await. Maybe tomorrow I'll post the "Facebook Segway" I've had assembled and ready for over a year. Let's get this creaky old blog restarted!