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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How an intellectual clears the sidewalk

Fussily, to put it briefly.
    Which might be why the blog has suffered of late, for a dump of snow seems to have arrived every second day here in Edmonton this winter, and I seem to be constantly outside with a shovel, doing the long, long sidewalk on our corner lot, which may be the death of my writing career.
    But I do get a bit of brainwork done between times, albeit all too little, slowly, and somehow the sidewalk always seems to suffer. Snow must be cleared promptly to be done easily; if you wait, the white stuff is stomped down and glues to the walk, and/or melts/refreezes at this time of year, which is even worse. And so if I struggle, as I do, to complete my Bob-Dylan-surrealizes-Shakespeare article (hideously overdue) or skim the rags to reconnoiter the issues--getting maybe a handful of global warming items that might be the seed of something--the sidewalk is maybe developing ice-patches, injuries and lawsuits...
    Even writing the above intro has cost a half hour of potential work time in the taxi, where I spend 60+ hours a week. You just can't win. And God knows how many global-warming articles are scattered around this anarchy of an office.