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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A late gun for culture

Does anyone read blogs? If a journal falls in the cyberforest, is the bear Catholic? Hm. The only blog I've ever read (once, partly) was by a guy from Firesign Theatre who was writing a weird detective story with a bird (yes, a bird) as the shamus. I don't cruise the web much at all, to tell the truth. Old-fashioned and print-centred--that's your correspondent.

In fact, like most Firesign, the blog was wonderful, but at the risk of sending thee rapidly to a better site (More Sugar I seem to recall) let me leave my endorsement at that. The rest is Jens-promotion. Anything to get my durned projects hatched!

What projects, you ask? (as I stuff the rhetorical question into your mouth).Well, how about the newsletter that's been in the back of my mind forever and a week: the Northern Culture Monitor. Although cultural studies seems to be a hot fad these days, and a great many scribblers practition it like recycled, wafer-thin sociology, I don't notice that we are much wiser or our culture much richer. Maybe what we need is less boosterism and more satire? Yeah, that's the ticket.

And what would Megacrotchety write about? Hm. The Ronnie Hawkins review I couldn't sell. The obscenity case that is almost the reverse of the Sharpe case and sheds a nice sidelight on current (wacky) legal definitions,(unlike Sharpe too, it got almost zero media attention). A Globe and Mail rant against science in arts matters. The alleged anti-semitism of H. L. Mencken. The lavish reissues of the Lovin' Spoonful's old records. Shakespeare for healing Iraq. A possible anthology of newspaper columnists. Cultural policemen and their weapons.

But it's late. The kids must be tucked in and all that. Bye till next Tuesday.

PS: Anyone want to see a picture of my 2001 "Stalkwell" Hallowe'en costume? Anyone hereabouts have their own culture story they figger the media mangled, missed or over/underplayed? Anyone out there at all? Testing, testing. Testing for intellectual life... July 19, 2005