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Saturday, August 4, 2012

GROM&LA Ch. 6 The sum of all shibboleths perhaps

Are we making progress here?
   The cautiously pessimistic professors, of course, deride, with barely-perceptible educated sneers, the very idea of progress. There is only political will, you understand, and text, and post-structuralism. and various other concepts, all of which will be on the test.
   I grab another clipping (at random, I swear--never underestimate the power of the stochastic). And it is... *drum roll*..."Sharpening sales skills for the holidays" (Edmonton Journal Dec. 18, 2010). Subhead: "Listen more, talk less..."
  Okay, let's just trash that crapola, and try the magic-stochastic thing again... *drum roll*... "Bell fined $1.3M for illegal calls" (Edmonton Journal Dec. 21, 2010). Well that's slightly better, but only slightly. And mostly for its tangential, ongoing comedy, the running-gag of the "Do Not Call List." Careful how much you sharpen those sales skills, ye corporate shills!
   In fact, this was the top story in the Business section that day, but having ripped out the entire page, I'm wondering if there wasn't some other item that caught my interest more...

*in progress